Food in Gent – Cuberdons

A cuberdon is a cone-shaped Belgian candy, made with gum arabic, usually raspberry-flavored and purple, with a soft gelatinuos raspberry centre. It is known as Gentse neus (Gent nose), or neuzeke (little nose) for it is like a human nose. In French, cuberdons are also called chapeau-de-curé and chapeau-de-prêtre (priest’s hat).
Cuberdons traditionally about 2,5 cm wide and weigh approximately 10 to 18 grammes, although smaller version are also commercialized. Cuberdons can only be preserved for about three weeks, after which period the inside begins to crystallize. This limited preservability is the reason why cuberdons are not exported outside of Belgium.
Cuberdon’s precise origins, as with its exact recipe, remain best-kept secrets. There are some legends concerning the origin of the cuberdon. One legend claims that the candy was first made in the 19th by the clergy in Flanders near Bruges. It is from here, so the story goes, that the candy gained its ‘priest’s bonnet’ nickname.

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Plimbare prin Gent

Gent (Ghent), capitala provinciei East Flanders, este un oraș situat la 48 km nord-vest de Bruxelles.

În timpul Evului Mediu, Gent era unul dintre cele mai bogate orașe de la nord de Munții Alpi, un important centru manufacturier, așa cum Brugges era un puternic centru comercial. După o parcurs lung, cu suișuri și coborâșuri, astăzi Gent este un oraș ocupat, plin de viață, un important port și centru industrial. Orașul îmbină atracțiile istorice cu realitățile vieții urbane contemporane. Continuă lectura